Saffron + Tobacco Leaf Candle by Silver Dollar Candle Company

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Size 5.5 oz

Size: 5.5 oz

Scent: Saffron + Tobacco Leaf

Description: The 5.5oz Glass Tumbler is a luxurious addition to any setting. A beautiful, reusable and recyclable piece, crafted for relaxed enjoyment and sustainability when re-used as a drinking vessel after cleaning.

Candle Details: 

Wax: Pure Soy
Wicks: 100% Cotton (Lead/Metal Free) or FSC certified wooden wicks.
Fragrance Oils: Responsibly Sourced, High Quality Fragrance Oils from US Manufacturers

- Phthalate Free ✓.

- Nitro Musk Free ✓.

- Paraben Free ✓. 

Container: Glass - Widely Recyclable ✓. 

- 5.5oz: 3.25" x 2.6"

Packaging: Corrugated Cardboard, Recyclable

- 5.5oz: Approx. 25 Hours
Burn times are calculated based on a standard, lab controlled method. Each candle is lit, allowed to burn in typical room conditions for exactly 4 hours then extinguished.
Once fully cooled, it is trimmed, re-lit and the process is repeated. The below burn times are averages from this methodology, but vary according to fragrance, airflow, room size, ambient temperature and other environmental factors.


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