Meryl Hat by Brixton - FINAL SALE

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Medium-scalloped-brim open-weave straw sun hat. Measurements: 11cm/4.3in brim.

Style #: 00934

Material: Paper

Color: "Tan"


All of Brixton’s Men's and Women's caps, brimmed hats and fedoras are sized based upon the measurements indicated below.

Please Note: The fit of each hat may vary slightly due to hat style, materials, brim stiffness, etc. There is no “correct” fit or way to wear our hats. Each individual will have a unique size and shaped head and we offer a range of sizes & styles to accommodate this.

To pick your appropriate hat size, measure around your head where you would like the base or brim of the hat to sit in inches or centimeters.

Size Hat Size Centimeters Inches
XS 54 21¼
S 7 56 22
M 58 22.8
L 60 23.6
XL 62 24.4

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